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Provider agencies are faced with shrinking resources and ever-increasing expectations. Many providers are overwhelmed with having to do a lot more with a lot less. 

Consultations by Organizational Dimensions are designed to address expanding accountability while maximizing resources and enhancing services. These interactions help keep provider agencies on track as they continue to focus on their mission and vision, while staying true to their core principles.  

Learning Experiences

Training requirements for agency staff have increased and some providers feel overwhelmed with this daunting task.

Effective learning and development strategies result in better prepared and more productive staff who are engaged at a deeper level. 

Organizational Dimensions provides an array of topics and services. All learning experiences are customized to meet the needs of the provider. 

Systems Review 

and Analysis

An organizational system review is essential in understanding agency strengths and challenges. 

The process involves developing tools, collecting information, and analyzing data. As a result, goals are defined, action plans developed, responsibilities specified, priorities identified, and timelines established. 

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