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Human Rights Committees:  

From Compliance to Cultural Commitment

It's not allowed. 

 It's always been done that way.  

Most people want it that way. 

 That's our policy. 

 It's easier for staff. 

 It's for the protection of the person.  

We don't have the resources. 

It's the only way. . .

If you have you heard any of these phrases, your provider agency may be already treading into the dangerous "Sea of Simple Compliance" mode.  Your Human Rights Committee (HRC) can help turn that around.  

HRCs are vital compasses that help agencies stay on course in pursuit of their vision and mission, while maintaining their core values.  They help to identify the rights issues which often accompany the challenges providers face as they work diligently to provide high quality services, keep people safe, and teach people how to access their communities.

Learn how to maximize your Human Rights Committee's effectiveness with the  "go to guide," Human Rights Committees:  From Compliance to Cultural Commitment  (Fourth Edition)

 by Amy Tabor and Steve Baker.   

(Also available on Amazon.)

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