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Human Rights Committee Books & Media Bundle

(Exclusive Package - Available only at Cherry Hill Bookstore!)

Amy Tabor

This Human Rights Committee Book & Media Bundle includes everything an agency needs for the development of a Human Rights Committee all in one place. The bundle includes all of Amy Tabor's books  and several other HRC resources:

  • 7 copies Human Rights Committee: From Compliance to Cultural Commitment (One book for each member)
  • 1 copy "Amy Tabor's Tips for Creating and Managing Your Human Rights Committees" (DVD)
  • 1 copy "Supporting People with Disabilities as HRC members" (Booklet)
  • 1 copy Scanning the Horizon (Book)
  • 1 copy From Inquiry to Insight Dialogue Deck (Book) 
  • 1 set of Dialogue Deck Cards
  • 1 copy Psychotropic Medications Guides (2-sided Laminated Sheet)
  • Additional FREE Online Resources

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