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The statistics are grim and have not improved with moves into community settings.  The fact is:  A person with a developmental/intellectual disability is much more likely to suffer abuse or neglect than a person without a disability. And it may not be just a single event with a single perpetrator. 


Scanning the Horizon helps root out abuse, neglect and exploitation in organizations that serve people with disabilities. This practical, internally-driven method enables providers to uncover and examine critical data about the people supported and paid staff. 

It includes:

  •  a practical discussion of abuse, neglect & exploitation and the challenges faced by provider agencies; 
  • the Baker and Tabor Tolerance Scale that reveals valuable data generated by staff;
  • twenty research-supported objective indicators of issues/concerns; and 
  • numerous tips and strategies for improving organizational performance in the prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. 
(Also available on Amazon.)

From Inquiry to Insight , 3rd edition, (nick-named Stacking the Deck against Abuse & Neglect) focuses on today's challenges in the prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

This is a learning game for those who support people with developmental/ intellectual disabilities.  It is intended to facilitate sharing knowledge and ideas about quality support and services within work groups, thus helping to prevent the mistreatment of vulnerable people in their care. These activities are essential to establishing a culture that eliminates these abuses to the greatest degree possible.

This handy and very useful tool includes 52 over-sized dialogue cards and an updated 110-page facilitation guide to get your staff involved in examining the thinking and approaches that can contribute to abuse and neglect, and exploitation.  The dialogue raises awareness and challenges the group to explore how to prevent bad things from happening. 

Dialogue facilitators will appreciate how well each card topic is organized  with topic insights, "discussion" prompts, and takeaways. This approach can easily be integrated into other prevention programs or used as stand-alone training. 

(Also available on Amazon.)

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